Photo Wall at a birthday party

Are you always looking for a good place to take pictures with friends at a party? Is the lighting good? Are there too many distractions behind you that will take away from your photo? Are there windows everywhere that will have a glare in your photos? So many questions!

Add a photo wall to your party! Choose a location with plenty if space, for larger groups of people and one that has enough space for someone to take the photo without standing in front of other guests who are dancing, watching a TV or slide show, etc, and with good lighting. Then you’ll want to have a back drop. Something that makes a good photo background, not too busy or generic.

Be sure to kick the photo process off yourself with a few guests so that people know what the back drop is for. Also, set up your own Instagram (or similar) account and put signage around the party so your guests can upload their own photos and everyone can see all the photos!

PhotoWall Backdrop

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