Assigned Seating or Open Seating…..What’s your preference?

Always a big discussion for social events and especially weddings.  Is it better to have assigned seating for all guests or have complete open seating, or open seating with reserved tables for family and wedding party (if it’s a wedding)?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know!

It seems to totally depend upon who you talk to about this.  I firmly believe there are two schools of thought on this one and either one is perfectly fine.  It’s really all about your personal preference for YOUR event!  Having said that, if you are having a plated dinner reception/event, which is considered a more formal event, then assigned seating is a better option, generally speaking.  However, if you are having a buffet or stations, that is considered a bit less formal than a plated affair, so you can go either way.

Advantages of having assigned seats are:

1.  You know that everyone that has RSVP’d will have a specific place to sit.

2.  Normally this gives you better control to seat people together that know/like each other and will get along well.

3.  Everyone will have a specific seat, so there is no fighting over where to sit or who to sit with.

Disadvantages of assigned seats are:

1.  It is much more work for the organizer of the event.  You have to consider who knows and gets along (or doesn’t) with whom.  You’ll need a definite head count and then you have to manage groups/families, when there are only 8-10 seats per table.

2.  People may not RSVP, but show up, in which case you’ll need to have at least a few seats available that aren’t assigned.

3.  You will need to put a spreadsheet together, in alphabetical name order, and another one is table number order, with seating arrangements.  You will also need to print place cards for guests.  And it’s best to have a large floorplan/seating chart, so guests know which table they are seated at and also where the tables are.  Plus, you now need table numbers on each table.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides.  Share with us your thoughts on Assigned Seating or Unassigned seating and why you feel the way you do!  We look forward to hearing from each of you.

Make every event exceptional!

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