Don’t be THIS guest at your next event!

We’ve all been there…..attending a wedding, a company party or maybe a birthday party….when ONE guests decides to over-indulge in the “spirits” being graciously offered by the host.  What do you do?  Ignore them?  Well, that’s often times easier said than done.  Call security?  What if there isn’t any, then who do you tell?  Ask them to leave?  Is it really your place and do you want to get in the middle?  So many questions and dilemmas!

First of all, please, please, please, DON’T be this guest EVER!  Especially in this age of cameras everywhere and social media, you do not want this photo to follow you around the rest of your life…..but it most certainly WILL.  This poor guy, I’m only using him as an example because you can’t see his face, so nobody will know who he is (we are not here to point fingers or embarrass anyone)……he more than over-indulged at a friend’s beautiful wedding.  His friends and some members of the wedding party had to physically carry him out of the venue, but only after they cleaned up after him in the restroom (I’m sure you get my drift and we don’t want to gross anyone out).

Reception drunk guy passed out at table

How do you think he felt the next day?  I’m guessing not only did he physically feel really bad, but emotionally, knowing he acted like he did at his friend’s wedding, or what he remembers of it, he probably feels so bad for making a scene on their special day.

Every host of an event truly wants their guests to enjoy themselves and have an incredibly good time!  That is generally the purpose of a party.  However, they also want you to be safe and take care of yourselves.  Additionally, they want ALL of their guests to enjoy the evening and if you are enjoying it “too much”, then others around you will most likely NOT be enjoying it at all.  So, be a courteous guest at all of your events and enjoy yourself responsibly!

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Melanie Hill, Owner/Executive Event Planner

Exceptional Events


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