Everyone wants to be healthier and get in shape…

We see it everyday, in every media form available to use….so many ways to be healthier, food, fads, diets, pills, patches, sprinkles….but how do you know what to believe is true and what truly is a “fad”? Common sense normally prevails, but we are all always looking for a “quick fix” too. No matter what, if you will eat healthy the majority of the time and get some exercise, in whatever form works for you, that is ultimately the REAL KEY!!!!

Believe me, I might not have tried “every” fad out there, but I’ve certainly tried my fair share of them. The one thing that has always worked for me, many times, is eating healthy (my key number is healthy 80%, fun stuff 20%) and exercise as often as possible, but a minimum of 2-4 times per week. Even on weeks when I could only get some exercise in once during the week, that is still better than nothing. And it keeps you in the habit of doing something and wanting to keep moving/exercising.

We all know it’s true, if you get out of those habits, it’s much harder to get back on that train. IT WORKS though and we all know it! So, let’s listen to a professional trainer, who has developed a program to help us do the things we already know we need to do, but need some guidance to get us on track and KEEP us on track. This is an amazing offer from a trainer I know and trust! His name is Dio and his contact info is in the info below

.Fat Loss Seminar Flyer Dio 081913

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