Proposals – THE most memorable of all events!

What is the first question most people ask when getting to know about a married couple?  “How did he (or she) propose?”  It is one question that is asked more often than any other question relating to a couple and their relationship and marriage.  Of course people will ask, “How did you meet?”, but rarely does anyone ask what was your wedding like.  People are intrigued with proposals and they want to know the answer to this question, whether you have been married 5 minutes or 50 years!!!!

So, proposals MUST be memorable!  Now, memorable does NOT mean over the top, crazy, out of this world, weird or any of those things.  It only means that whatever you do to “pop the question” to your special someone, it needs to be a story that you both will remember forever…..and a story you will want to tell over and over and over again to friends, family and strangers alike.

The most memorable proposals I have heard about always have something that relates to the couples personal relationship history.  Maybe you share a love of concerts, so the proposal happens just before your favorite bands concert.  Or perhaps you share a love of cooking or sports….well, you get the idea.  It can also have elements that bring together families and relate things from each of your lives before you were a couple.  It can be shared just between the two of you….OR you can include family and friends, who always LOVE to help surprise people.

A couple of tips… sure to capture this extra special moment in time with photos, videos, etc.  I’m sure many of you have seen the video of the choreographed proposal the guy did, where he incorporates many friends and family into a song and dance, while the girl is sitting in the back of a moving (very slowly) car.  If not, look it up on YouTube, it’s priceless!  Even if you are proposing and it’s just the 2 of you, there is always a way to setup a camera for photos or videos ahead of time, or have someone secretly hidden where they can capture the moment.  You WILL most definitely want to have this to look at in the future and share with family and friends.  Also, if you are proposing somewhere in public or at a restaurant or business, be sure to ask their permission ahead of time and let them in on your plan.  The worst possible scenario is that some uninformed stranger comes along and completely ruins your big plan.  You can always ask a professional planner for help coming up with a creative idea (that is what they are great at) and they can also help you coordinate all the logistics for your plan….then you can focus solely on the proposal portion (obviously the most important part).  Friends and family are great resources too, just be sure they are good at keeping your secret ahead of time!

Good luck with YOUR proposal and remember, make it MEMORABLE!!!  Please let us know if we can assist you with this very special moment in your lives.

Melanie Hill, Executive Event/Wedding/Proposal Planner

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