2014 Wedding Lighting Trends from Colin Cowie

2014 Wedding Lighting Trends Photos
Colin Cowie is one of the most admired and respected people in the event and wedding industry. This is from his newsletter on 12/12/13.
As the end of 2013 rapidly approaches, 2014 promises to be a year of bright and innovative ideas in the wedding industry, starting with event lighting. More than just a flick of the switch, wedding lighting has become an art that can transform an entire venue from drab to sultry and romantic or energetic.
Ira Levy of Levy Lighting LLC honors projection mapping as the top wedding lighting trend for 2014. “Full scale imagery through projection mapping creates imaginative backgrounds that allow you to transport guests to different places.” In addition to Levy, numerous experts in the industry have given insight, allowing my team to gather the top trends for the upcoming year. From new techniques to retro bulbs, the possibilities are endless. One thing I can assure you: carefully planned, innovative lighting for your wedding day is integral to wedding décor success.

As always…more to come!
Colin Cowie
Photo Credit: Colin Miller

I agree completely with Colin! Lighting is a major trend in all events, especially weddings. And it can drastically change the look and feel of an event or venue and transform it into exactly what you have imagined. There are many great lighting companies out there who, in partnership with your event/wedding planner, can help you select the best lighting for your event to make it Exceptional!

Melanie Hill, Owner/Executive Event Planner
Exceptional Events

Happy Holidays! Parties, Engagements, Food & Drinks and Gifts…Oh My!

Happy Holidays to each of you!

This is the time of year for parties, parties and more parties. Sometimes it is hard to squeeze all the fun in to the short time we have. What is most important is to spend time with those closest to you and meet some new people along the way. What better time of year to make a new friend than during the holidays?!

Picture 037 Picture 046bb_wed_0522 bb_wed_1178

Yes, even holiday weddings are popular.  Look how beautiful this one is using poinsettias as aisle decor!!!  And let’s not forget the biggest party of all….New Year’s Eve.  What are your plans and traditions for ringing in the new year?

This time of year is also when nearly 26% of proposals happen!  That’s alot of proposals.  It’s a romantic time of year, nostalgic, time spent with family or perhaps wanting to start your own family.  Whatever your reason, you’re in good company if you’re planning a proposal during the holiday season.  Call Exceptional Events if you need assistance in planning the most memorable proposal for your sweetie!

So enjoy the holidays with old friends and new.  Find a new favorite recipe that you tried at one of those many parties you attended.  Then make and share that dish with someone special.  Remember there are many people that do not have close family and friends to share the holidays with.  So always have an open heart and warm smile to share with others during this wonderful season!