Wedding Photography Ideas and Tips

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Each wedding is unique and are lots of prep work before that special day.  Many brides think that hiring a great photographer means they can check photos off the list…but that’s not true.  Before you count photos as done on your wedding to do list, make sure you have given the photographer a list of photos you want, and that you have considered order and timing to get all the photos you want.  Below are some ideas to get your juices flowing.  Remember you are unique and you may think of a shot you want for your own wedding, go for it!  It’s your day!

Wedding Photography Shot List

Prep Shots – Bride & Groom (don’t forget the shot of the dress being put on)
The Dress – Hanging or Draped
First look with Bride & Father
First look with Bride & Groom (if you are seeing each other before the ceremony)
Bride walking down stairs (if there are stairs)
Bride looking out (window or door)
Groom Checking the Time
Groom with Grooms Men & Fathers
Bride with Bridesmaids & Mothers
Bride with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
Groom with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
Groom waiting at altar
Bride walking down aisle ( Side Profile & Front )
Father giving away bride
Groom over the shoulder shot of bride ( & Vis Versa)
Holding hands – Bride and Groom
Bride & Groom Kiss
Bride & Groom Leaving Church ( Receiving Line)
Bride & Groom – Inside Limo Shot
Food Shots (Cocktail Hour, Drinks, Cake, etc.)
Shots of your guests (Photo Booths on site are a huge trend and I love it! They allow the guest to have pictures to take home as well as pictures for your own scrapbook)
Shots of Bride & Groom with & without family
Bride and Groom Portraits
Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Bride and Groom Hand & Ring Portraits
First Dance
Bride & Father Dance
Groom & Mother Dance
Bouquet Toss
Garter Toss
Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Feeding each other
Guests Dancing
Best Man & Maid of Honor Toast/Speeches
Bride & Groom Toast/Speeches
Centerpieces & Flower/Decorations
Small Children Dancing with Bride & Groom
Bride & Groom’s Parents Dancing (Plus Grandparents)
Groom Giving Coat to Bride (mostly in colder weather areas)
Bride & Groom “Just Married” Vehicle – Driving Away
Bride &Groom with “Thank you” sign to mail out (This is one thank you that is guaranteed to make it onto the fridge)

When planning pictures the day of the wedding, have the bridal party and possibly even some immediate family on hand to take pictures before the wedding.  This will allow for more time to celebrate at the reception.  Talk with your photographer and get a time estimate on how long it will take to get all the pictures you want before the wedding and after the wedding, an extra 30 minutes to an hour before the wedding, for lighting issues, dress fluffing and any impromptu ideas or delays that may occur.  Trust me, I’ve been in and to my fair share of weddings and that extra time has made the difference between a stressed out bride about to cry and a bride who was actually able to sit and relax and eat a little before the wedding.  Seriously consider getting as many photos on your list as possible before the wedding, no guest likes to wait an hour or more for the bride and groom to join the reception.  But, if you prefer to take pictures after the ceremony, make sure that your wedding guests are well taken care of at the reception with entertainment and food and drinks until your arrival.

Melanie Hill, Owner/Executive Event Planner
Exceptional Events

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