Holding an office or corporate event?

According to the Chicago Business Journal Afternoon Edition Newsletter, there are some big trends for office and corporate parties for 2014. For example, more and more people are incorporating ethnic foods into their catering choices to add culture and flare to the evening and put an end to the monotony of the same old foodzfoods we see at every event we attend. I for one really hope this trend takes off and sticks around. As great as it is to have lunch or dinner provided at a corporate meeting, the sub sandwiches and chicken dinners are getting old.

Dallas Skyline

Another trend that seems to be picking up speed is the at-home experience. Instead of paying all the extra expenses for travel, companies have been looking into local events, venues, hotels, and entertainment. (Don’t forget us as you’re planning that “stay-cation” style event  for your corporation!)

Another blooming idea for corporate events is to have “Social media ambassadors” who receive discounts or perks for promoting your event on their social media. Choose an ambassador who has a wide range of influence and is respected in their field. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society in Orlando is using this technique in the hopes that their event will reach more than 35,000 people. Read more about this here!


Decorating trends are also blossoming and expanding, from unique and rustic locations to more modern and sleek venues. Either way, color blocking and the use of centerpieces to accent the venue are high in popularity. Round tables allow for discussion and networking at larger events, just make sure your centerpiece doesn’t block out people across the table.

Melanie Hill, Owner/Executive Event Planner
Exceptional Events


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