Event Atmosphere

From lighting to music, every event needs to have the right atmosphere.  Here are a tips to create the perfect ambiance for your occasion:


Music that fits your theme. New York society bandleader Alex Donner says his clients are requesting music to go along with their wedding’s theme.
These themes can range from films like The Great Gatsby to a specific city or culture, like a Parisian themed wedding where all the songs are French!


Lighting: Dim lighting will create a  more enticing atmosphere for dancing  and
entertainment, but waiting to dim the lighting until after dinner will
allow people to see each other’s faces  for
conversation and will allow to them to see their food more clearly.
Consider using color in your lighting to add to your theme and/or lighting candles to create a  more natural and romantic feel.

guestlibs Consider your colors: Are you looking for a more romantic evening? Choose to decorate  in warm colors, like dark reds and burgundies and warm beiges. If you want to create a  lighter and brighter mood filled with laughter and dancing, decorating in bright pastels or   summer colors will illuminate the room!

Encourage socializing: The quickest way to kill the mood of a party is with silence! You want to find fun and unique ways to engage your guests and get them talking. Not everyone wants to dance, so you may want to come up with new ways to make sure your guests and socializing and having a good time. More and more people are using photo booths at their events, as this is a great way to get guests out of their seats and laughing. At a wedding reception, you can allow guests to write pieces of advice or little jokes on a large canvas for the bride and groom! There are tons of ways to get the guests involved so they aren’t sitting at their tables bored after dinner.

*If you plan on hiring a DJ, make sure to ask if he/she have any ideas for fun games to play at your reception! Often times, DJs will have lots of things planned to engage guests and make the event more fun for all involved.

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