Stay Cool!

We are officially in the thick of Texas summer and summer parties are upon us! This means swimming, shaved iced, water parks, and lots of sunscreen! Here are some of our favorite ideas for your summer parties:          summerparties3

Ice Cream Sundays: Keep cool with yummy ice cream for your guests! Set up a table complete with ice cream,sprinkles, fruit, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream! But remember to keep the station in a cool place to avoid melting!

Refreshing Drinks: Do you plan on having a kid-free party this summer? Try one of these refreshing summer drink recipes here! The Strawberry Pineapple Slush looks delicious!

*Most of these recipes can be made non-alcoholic if many of yours friends intend on bringing their children to your party!

summerparties4Safety First: Us Texans know better than anyone how important sunscreen is when spending any amount of time outside. And if you plan on throwing an outdoor party, not every guest will remember to bring that precious sunscreen! Consider providing sunscreen, as well as other necessities like bottles of water and bug spray.

*If you are throwing a 4th of July party and intend on bringing fireworks for your guests to use, make sure everyone is knowledgable of firework safety and how to handle them. The last thing you want is an unfortunate accident to ruin the night!


Party Favors: If your budget allows for  party favors, consider handing out pool  toys or beach balls as a cute and  inexpensive gift. Another cute idea is to  hand out plain-colored flip flops to your  guests and set up a station filled with  paint, markers, stencils, and stickers  and have them decorate and personalize  them!

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