Penny-pinching Ideas

With all the little details that come with planning your dream wedding, it’s easy to get carried away. Here are our top 5 money saving tips when planning your wedding! 

5. Set a budget & prioritize. Choose your top three categories that are most important to you. Is it catering? Live music? Venue? By deciding which aspects of your wedding are most important you, you’re able to allocate the majority of your budget to those areas and remain frugal on the areas that do not matter as much(do you really need party favors?).

4. Be flexible. For example, Saturdays are prime days for weddings, so they will generally be higher priced. Be flexible by choosing dates in off-season (summer in the southern states) or dates that fall on a week day and you will save a lot of money. One venue I work with has pricing for Fridays and Saturdays at one rate, but they price Sundays at a much lower rate. Ask the venue owners if they have any deals like this one!

3. Search for deals in unusual places. A bride and I were researching the costs to make a sign for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle. With time and supplies involved, it was going to come out to be around $50+. After searching on Pinterest, we found a link to an Etsy vendor who was selling the signs for $25, plus shipping. It was less expensive and it saves us the time of needing to go out and buy supplies.

2. Informal is always more affordable. The more formal your wedding, the more costly it’s going to become. Keep it as informal as you’d like and you’ll save in many areas. Larger more intricate weddings will generally have more moving parts and vendors which will add more cost.

1. DIY DIY DIY. If you find that you’re too busy to do anything yourself, utilize your bridesmaids and family! By designing your own invitations, making your own boutonnieres and decorating your own centerpieces, you will find that you save a lot of money and receive personal satisfaction from adding your own touch to your wedding!


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