Parent-friendly Parties (pt. 1)

When planning a party among friends with kids, it can be difficult to cater to both adults and kids. Here are some tips to make your adult parties kid-friendly! 


1) Keep them entertained: Find a fun and easy hands-on activity to keep the  kids busy and out of your hair! Consider setting up a cookie decorating station. This is something that will be interesting and fun for all ages.
If you want to kick it old school (and super cheap), try setting out a bunch of old cardboard boxes and crayons and let the kids build their own fort or castle!

shirley temple

2) Put together a fun kid’s “drink”: With all the various alcoholic drinks for the adults to choose from, it’s easy for the kids to feel left out! Ditch the fruit punch and milk and try putting  together a simple and fun drink like a Shirley Temple. This is an easy way to let the kids feel special and involved in the party.

*Just remember to reserve the glass cups for the adults and opt for a clear plastic cup for the kids!

3) Hire some help: If your budget allows, consider hiring a babysitter or two just to keep an eye on the kids during the party. This way the adults can spend their time socializing and having fun without having to keep a hawk eye on their little ones. You can even hire a kids entertainer (a magician, a clown, a balloon artist, etc.) who will double as helpful hand in watching the kids. These entertainers are often fun for the parents as well!

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