The Perfect House Warming Party

My intern Alyson, who attends Texas State University, will be moving into her new apartment in a couple of weeks to start the new school year. Her transition inspired me to write the post about throwing the perfect house-warming party! Whether you are throwing one for yourself or for a friend, these tips will make it unique and fun for all your guests! 

Creative invitations: 
I love this idea of using a paint swatch as an invitation! Most of the time you can get these for free at a Home Depot or Lowes, all you need to do is write or paste the information on it! So cute and perfect for a new home. 

Alternative seating: If you’re moving into a small space such as an apartment or loft, don’t let that stop you from having a party! Stools, poufs, and pillows on the floor will create a comfortable space for people to sit and chat without standing around and feeling crowded. 

hw3 Keep the menu simple: Before your party, you’re going to want to spend as much time as possible making sure your new place looks perfect. You want to show it off! If you try to pull off an extravagant dinner, you may wind up with a messy kitchen and not enough time to clean up. Encourage your guests to bring food, or throw a simple wine and cheese party! Classy, elegant, and simple. 

hw4Practical gifts: If you are the guest and plan on bringing a gift, try to make it as practical and functional as possible. Moving into a new home can be a stressful and draining process. Flowers and candles are lovely, but a gift basket full of useful around-the-house tools are the perfect way to give a gift that is both appreciated and needed!   
If your budget is a little more flexible, consider opting for personalized wine glasses like these. They are functional, yet elegant and beautiful and will add the perfect touch to their new kitchen. 

Melanie Hill, Owner/Executive Event Planner

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