Employee Appreciation


Your employees have been working their tail off all year and it’s time to show them some appreciation. Here are some special ways to say  “thank you”:


Take me out to the ball-park

Photo: Courtesy en.wikipedia.org

Photo: Courtesy en.wikipedia.org

Invite everyone to a ball-game this summer. Provide tee-shirts so the group is easily recognizable among one another (this also provides extra marketing for your company). Think about giving everyone tickets or a small amount of cash ($10-15) to purchase any type of food/beverage they would like.  This method allows everyone to go where they want to get their food, and staves off the stress of hiring a catering company and renting a space.

Pro-Tip: Ask everyone who is interested to sign up, and provide their tee-shirt size.  This allows you to order the right size and amount of apparel and also keeps you on track for budgeting.


Give back to the community

Photo: Courtesy servings.org

Photo: Courtesy servings.org

Invite everyone to participate in a prepared community service.  Talk to your favorite charitable organization and set up a time your group can come in and assist.  This project will help employees feel good and also is a great way for the company to physically give back to their community.  Plan for half the day (4 hours) of community service and then allow them to take the remainder four hours as a paid day off.  They will love being able to take that free time to run errands or spend time with family.

Pro-Tip: Provide a well deserved lunch after the community service is finished and be sure to take pictures to put on your company website and social media sites.


Night at the Museum

Photo: Courtesy commons.wikimedia.org

Photo: Courtesy commons.wikimedia.org

Who doesn’t love a fun night out? A night at the museum can be easily arranged with your event coordinator.  Invite everyone to a local museum at 7:00 p.m. This cultural event is a neat way to get everyone out of their shells.  Some museums may still be open to the public this late in the evening, but many aren’t, which allows you to have the space all to yourselves!

Pro-Tip:  Allow your employees to bring their significant other, or a date to this grown-up event. Think about hiring a local band or musician to take the sophisticated event to the next level.

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