Ga-Ga for Garlands!

Garlands are becoming a staple at weddings and other special events.  The long strands really wow the guests with their high visual impact. They are also a great way to incorporate your colors and theme of the event.  Garlands can be used in a variety of ways to spice up your decor and can be made out of fabric, flowers, or paper.  Below are a few ways we like to implement them:


Garlands can be added along structures such as fences, walls, or gates to soften the ceremony space. Putting garlands down the aisle is a great way to not only decorate the space, but they’re also a way to let guests know that the aisle is reserved for the wedding party or family.

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Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy


Get the most out of your floral by keeping it low and flowing. Add candles for height and this romantic look will be sure to get endless “oohs” and “awes.”  Another thrifty and sparkly way to add color is to hang a paper or fabric garland to the front of the table. This helps add interest and texture to your decor.

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Add swag to your chairs! This not only makes for beautiful pictures, but it also allows you to quickly identify your seats. Having a glamorous party or event? Add beads and faux pearls for a little extra sparkle to your chairs.

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

When it comes to garland, you can buy it, rent it, or make your own. There are plenty of choices to decide from! One thing is for sure though, garlands will definitely add that extra bit of pop to any wedding or event.

Pikes Peak Proposal

Recently, I was traveling around Colorado on vacation. As any good tourist should, I made the trek (in a car, of course!) up to the summit of Pikes Peak to see some scenic views and stand on top of the world! Little did I know what was about to happen.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, I climbed out of the car to walk around in the 50 degree weather and snap some photos of the miles of land surrounding me.

I had been taking pictures for about 30 minutes and was just about to head back to the car when I heard a scream and saw a commotion just a few feet away from me. “Oh my gosh!” I thought. “Someone just fell off of the mountain!” I quickly turned around to assess the situation when I realized that nobody, in fact, had fallen off of the mountain. Instead, I was looking at a sweet couple happily hugging. I noticed that there was something on her hand sparkling in the sun.

DSC_7214 copy

Photo: courtesy of Breck Faught Photography

Realizing that I had just MISSED a proposal, I jogged over to the newly engaged couple.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she kept saying, breathless for more reasons than just the thin, mountain air.

DSC_7233 copy

Photo: courtesy of Breck Faught Photography

After I introduced myself and explained that I as a photographer, the couple agreed to let me take their picture with the amazing Colorado backdrop behind them. Later, after a few laughs and a fun mini-photo shoot, we exchanged email addresses and parted ways. Flipping through the pictures on my camera, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that I just captured a once in a lifetime moment for an unsuspecting couple.

DSC_7220 copyDSC_7224 copy

Photos: courtesy of Breck Faught Photography

To my newly engaged friends, thank you for letting me share in a day that you’ll never forget. On behalf of myself and the Exceptional Events Texas team, congratulations! We wish you the best.

DSC_7205 copy

Photo: courtesy of Breck Faught Photography