No Fondant, No Problem!

Naked cakes. We know it sounds interesting, to say the least. However, the most interesting thing about these cakes is the beauty in their simplicity! Frosting and fondant have been traded in for a more natural, raw approach to the stereotypical wedding cake and we absolutely love it. If you are as obsessed with naked cakes as we are, this blog post is for you. Here’s a few examples of our FAVORITE cakes to inspire you for your big day.


Simple, but so elegant – This cake is perfection. We love the chocolate cake with the white icing in-between layers and the flowers add the finishing touch!


Photo: Courtesy of

“Berry” Pretty

Sugared fruit AND a cake? Does it get any better? Not only does this cake look wonderful, but it will taste amazing too. We love the frosted wonderland feel it gives off – a perfect choice for a winter wedding!


Photo: Courtesy of

Layered Dream

Looking for something a little different than the average naked cake? Just switch up your layers! By combining different flavors of cake you get a visually appealing presentation that tastes as good as it looks. Drizzle some caramel or chocolate on it and add some toppings and you’ve got a masterpiece just like this one.


Photo: Courtesy of Superfine Bakery

All Squared Away

You’ve seen round cakes, but why not have a square cake? It’s a little funky, and a lot of fun! We also love the colored frosting on this one. What a perfect way to tie everything in and add a pop of color to your cake.


Photo: Courtesy of

Outstanding Ombre

Since ombre is all the rage right now, you might as well do it with your wedding cake too! The greenery combined with the transitioning layers is subtle while still looking absolutely gorgeous. We love it.


Photo: Courtesy of

Topsy Turvy

How cool is this cake? It’s interesting, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s just about as awesome as a cake gets. From the tilting levels to the floral accents, it’s just a really stunning cake. No matter what season you’re getting married in, you can easily make this cake a centerpiece at your wedding.


Photo: Courtesy of

We hope these pictures have inspired you to feature a naked cake at your wedding! Be on the look out for more wedding tips from the Exceptional Events team soon. For now, though, we’ll be busy eating cake…

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