Center of Attention

When you walk into any sort of event, what are the things you notice first? Maybe it’s the venue or the people. However, we can guarantee that the decorations catch your eye almost immediately as well. With such an impact on the event, the decorations are an extremely important part of setting the mood and relaying the theme to guests. Today we’ll be looking at the focus of these decorations, most appropriately named table centerpieces. You may have some questions. How can you create amazing centerpieces? Do they have to be elaborate? What is the best option for various occasions? Have no fear, though, because we have all the answers you’ll need!

A Breath of Spring Air


Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Jurgensen Photography

A beautiful example of great table decorations comes from one of our wonderful weddings! By combining the fresh flowers, natural wood tones, and bright robin blue accents, this table is every bit as lovely as it is functional. We love the simplicity of the centerpiece paired with the color accents on a crisp white tablecloth. The great thing about a table set up like this one is that your guests feel comfortable because it’s not too elaborate and there’s plenty of room to spread out food and other necessities. You could easily recreate this with any colors, flowers, or accents you choose for the same effect.

Classy Country


Photo: Courtesy of Southern Flair Photography

We LOVE the combination of black, gold, and wood accents that one of our brides chose for her reception decor. The centerpiece touches on the gorgeous beauty of nature while the black napkins and gold accents tie in elegance and add some flair to the table. The combination is a fresh take on color schemes and gives a more sophisticated feel to the event without being over the top.

Winter Wonderland


Photo: Courtesy of Harry Photo

Winter weddings seem to be a little more magical because of the twinkling lights and holiday cheer, so it’s no surprise that these centerpieces and table decorations from a past Exceptional Events bride fit the occasion. The rich reds in contrast to the white surroundings make for a beautiful setup. Add a little sparkle with the candle sticks and ombre glitter candles and the table is an instant eye catcher. There’s actually not much to this table, but the variety of flowers, candles, and vases keep us interested in the gorgeous decorations!

Tall, Bright, and Beautiful

2014-11-01 18.09.28

Photo: Courtesy of Melanie Hill

We’ve all been in a situation where the centerpiece blocked our view of the people across the table so we know how frustrating that is. Luckily that isn’t the case with this centerpiece! This Exceptional Events wedding was gorgeous, but the floral accents on the tables made it even more exceptional. Not only does the height of the vase serve a communication purpose for table guests, but it also adds a little bit more elegance to the occasion. The flowers cascade out of the top of the vase beautifully and the water inside sparkles in the candlelight below. It’s a wonderful alternative to previous examples we’ve shown you and a great option if you’re looking for extra flair.

Floating Flowers


Photo: Courtesy of Harry Photo

Perhaps the most unique of all the centerpieces we’ll discuss today is this one. What an amazing option it is! Floating candles, flowers, and petals in a bowl is an incredibly unique and sophisticated way to decorate table tops. In this case, the color scheme combined with the water creates a color scheme that is cool and relaxing while allowing the candles to provide some warmth and comfort to the theme. It’s gorgeous from every angle and a perfect option for those of you who love to be different.

Although what we’ve shown you today is primarily focused on florals, that doesn’t have to be the extent of your centerpiece search. Keep your eyes open for other options like candlesticks, lanterns, pictures and picture frames, and more. We’re always happy to see what you come up with for your event, so we hope this helps you get creative with your table decorations!


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