Raising the Bar

Every good party is memorable. Whether it’s the people or the food or the decorations, there’s just something about a good event that sticks with you. Lucky for you, we have the secret to an awesome bash. What is it? A miniature dessert bar. A candy bar. A s’mores bar. A coffee bar. A fill-in-the-blank bar. You can have a bar for literally anything your heart desires! Today we want to share a few of our favorite ideas.

Waffle Bar


Photo: Courtesy of Ellie Grover

Who doesn’t love breakfast? We know that we sure do! This waffle bar is sure to please a variety of guests. Add an assortment of toppings and syrups and you’re set for a sugar rush! You cannot go wrong with this one.

Cookie Bar


Photo: Courtesy of Abby Rose Photo

As the cookie monster so eloquently said, “C is for cookie and cookie is for me!” Except in this case, the cookies are for you, naturally. Not only is the idea an adorable one, but the set up for this event was especially cute. Cookies are a simple and easy way to put together a dessert bar for any event. Anything goes with this one!

Caramel Apple Bar


Photo: Courtesy of PlanningItAll.com

A great option for autumn events, this caramel apple bar is sure to make anyone FALL in love with the idea. Throw together some caramel,  a bunch of apples, and a few toppings and you’ve got yourself a creative and seasonal alternative for dessert. All we can say is Y-U-M-M-Y.

Pie Bar


Photo: Courtesy of B. Lovely Events

Seriously. How awesome is this pie bar? We’re kind of obsessed. Think of all your favorite pies… Now make them in miniature sizes and serve them to guests as dessert. AWESOME! A cute set-up never hurt anyone either. This bar is definitely a must for your upcoming event.

Cupcake Bar


Photo: Courtesy of Brides.com

If you’re looking to spice up the traditional cake table at your wedding or event, this is the perfect option for you. By offering a wide variety of cupcakes to guests you can simplify the cake-cutting process and provide grab-and-go desserts that are sure to please one and all. In addition to the cupcakes, we also love the set up of this bar. One part rustic, one part elegant, all together gorgeous!

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