Bachelorette Bash Ideas

Your big day is coming up, but first there’s a little treat we like to call your bachelorette party. Don’t know what to do? We’ve got a list of the most unique bachelorette party ideas that you might not have thought of. So sit back, relax, and start brainstorming. We guarantee your bachelorette bash will be the best ever!

Glamping Gals

bridal musings.jpg

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While we realize this is not the idea most of you had for a bachelorette party, we think it’s ah-dor-a-ble. Channel your inner hippie chic and don the flower headbands because you and your girls are gonna be drinking out of mason jars and enjoying an airstream trailer in wide open spaces for the night! Have fun with it and at least consider the possibility… Spring nights are here and they really are beautiful!


Party! Fiesta!

marriage and munchies

Photo: Courtesy of

Hola! A bachelorette fiesta is MUY BUENO! Make mexican food with the girls and have a margarita bar set up like the one above for drinks throughout the evening. Fill your space with bright colors, yummy snacks, lots of confetti and crepe paper, and even a few pinatas. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone and you’ll have lots of great bonding time while you whip up a delicious meal.


It’s Okay to Wine…

style me pretty

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Round up the girls and go to a local winery for a day of wine tasting and fun! If you don’t have one nearby, create a wine tasting night yourself and make it your own. It’s a good way to chat, laugh, and have a great girls night!


Say Cheese!


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Let’s face it, you’ll all be instagramming your fun party all night. So, why don’t you hire a photographer and have a photo shoot with your girls? You’ll appreciate the photos forever and it’s sure to be an afternoon filled with fun! Dress up in your best, find some fun places to go, and say cheese! You’ll be able to cherish the memories and you’ll have beautiful photographs to go along with the day.


Manicures, Pedicures, Parties, Oh My!

brit and co.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of

Take a trip to the spa (or the living room) with your girls for your bachelorette party! A day of rest and relaxation is a day well spent and you’ll appreciate the break from wedding planning stress, we’re sure. Stock up on your favorite facial treatments and have your guests bring their favorite nail polish. While you’re letting your toes dry, watch all the bridesmaid related movies you can and enjoy your time together! This idea is full of good stuff and good friends.



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