Ceremony Program Perfection

We’ve all heard it said that, “It’s in the details.” For some, that can be referencing the flowers and the dress, but for others it goes so far to encompass the text on the programs. If you’re someone who understands that the little things are the big things, this blog is for you. Ceremony programs are not a necessity, but a wonderful detail that can add a touch of character to any wedding so we thought we would show you some of the most creative and even interactive programs we’ve come across.


The Traditional One

long ceremony program

Photo: Courtesy of MyCrayons

For the traditionalist, there are plenty of options for ceremony programs. We loved the colors and minimal design of this one, but, as always, everything can be made completely to your specifications with a little customization.


The Multitasking One


Photo: Courtesy of Adorn

These little flags are not only adorable, but multifunctional! During the ceremony, they can serve as your program, but when the send off comes around they can double as something for your guests to wave as you leave. That makes this idea more cost effective and creative so we’ll dub this one a win.


The Interactive One

paul von rieter

Photo: Courtesy of Paul von Rieter

Do you have little ones on your guest list? This idea might be your saving grace. Say hello to a coloring book program.  Dump some crayons in a bucket next to your programs and enjoy your ceremony without worrying about screaming kiddos. The adults might even love this idea too!


The Picture Perfect One

becca howell photography

Photo: Courtesy of Becca Howell Photography

Raise your hand if you love photo strips! This couple added the perfect finishing touch to their otherwise simple programs with the addition of photo strips. It makes a great souvenir for guests and gives the bride and groom an opportunity to showcase their personalities before they hit the dance floor.


The Only One


Photo: Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Not crazy about the idea of using a bunch of paper and ink to create programs? No worries, there are other ways. Grab a chalkboard or sign and simply write your schedule on it. Once you put it in a space where guests can see it, programs wont even be necessary. Add a few more boards around the location with duplicate information or other facts you want guests to know if you’re looking for more space.

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