How to Bring Your Wedding Party Together Before “I Do”


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Your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest days of your life. All of your friends and family are there to mix, mingle, and most importantly, celebrate you, the newlyweds! The people you love most will be front and center, right beside you throughout the entire ceremony to support you through it all. Although it’s easy to imagine that the day will go perfectly, pairing up complete strangers to walk down the aisle before you might be a little stranger for some. So what do you do? Well, we’re here to give you some great ideas for pre-ceremony events that will help your wedding party meet each other in a no pressure, casual environment without all the stress of your wedding day. Scroll though the ideas below to see what you can do to unite your wedding party and have a good time all at once!

Go Bowling

There’s nothing like a fun night at the bowling alley with your friends. Something about greasy food and strikes just helps people bond! As an added plus, the competitive nature of the game will help your wedding party engage in some friendly rivalry and get to know each other in the process.

Host a Watch Party or Tailgate Party

Calling all sports fans! This idea is a perfect way to bring your wedding party together in a casual environment. Whether you all gather around the TV in your living room to cheer on your favorite team or you host a tailgate party at the stadium, a little food and a good game can turn a group of acquaintances into friends in no time.

Throw a Potluck Dinner

We all love good ole fashioned home cookin’, so why not round up some of your favorite dishes and host a dinner for your wedding party? Each guest can bring a dish of their choice and when dinner is done, you can all sit around the table during dinner telling stories about each other and building those connections that will make the walk down the aisle more fun and less awkward.

Have a Game Night 

While Minute to Win It isn’t the craze on TV anymore, that doesn’t mean the competitions aren’t still the best ice breakers ever. This idea is a low-budget way to get your wedding party moving, shaking, and competing to win their claim to fame for the night. An alternative to this would be to pull out your favorite board games and get to playing! Once the rivalries come out, the stories will be soon to follow and you’ll have a great opportunity to celebrate old friendships and new connections before the wedding rolls around.