It’s All About The Shoes!

Where are my shoe lovin’ girls?! Wedding shoes are a big deal. You ARE spending your entire day in them, after all. With that in mind, you should think about the pictures, the ceremony, the various events through the day, the terrain, and of course, the dancing all night long before you pick out your shoes for such a big occasion. If you’re clueless about your shoes, keep reading to find out what the best options are to match your personality and give you tons of comfort so you can truly shine when you say “I do!”



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While these are the most traditional option, no bride should feel obligated to wear high heels for her wedding, especially if you’re not comfortable in them. If you do decide to wear heels, take your venue and schedule into consideration. Wedges might be your best bet for an outdoor wedding on uneven ground, while stilettos would be much better suited for an indoor venue with little obstacles.

Even more, height and heel type are incredibly important when you’re thinking about how much time you’ll be spending in them. A lower heel would be much more comfortable for long periods of time, although higher heels might photograph better with your dress (and your husband!) You can always add a fun print or a pop of color to your shoes to really bring out your wild side as well. And don’t forget, you can always change into flats for the reception!

Lastly, it’s very important to have any shoes, but especially heels picked out before you go for dress alterations. You don’t want a dress that’s too long or too short so make sure you take your shoes with you to your appointment. It will be a lifesaver!

Flats & Sandals


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Some of the cutest shoes are flats or sandals because they’re versatile, fun, and comfortable! Just like heels, you can find flats and sandals in any color, pattern, or style to match your personality and add some spunk to your outfit.

These shoes make a great option for outdoor weddings or destination weddings where you’re unfamiliar and not able to walk around your location beforehand. Let’s not forget that these are also a perfect choice for the bride who believes in comfort above all else. A great pair of flats or fancy flip flops can transition perfectly from the ceremony to the reception without switching shoes or having to stop the party!

Choosing flats or sandals also gives you a lot more wear out of your shoes as well. You’re much more likely to wear these on a regular basis over your heels, so the investment may be more practical and useful to you.



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I can honestly say my favorite wedding shoes are Converse sneakers. They’re comfortable, they come in tons of colors and prints, and they’re customizable! If we’re talking about sneakers in general, there are tons of great options for a bride to strut her stuff in without giving up comfort or style. Whether they’re glittery, written on, or boasting your wedding color scheme, you can always count on a great pair of sneakers to help you be the center of attention and life of the party on the dance floor all night.

As a bonus, you can get your wedding party in on the action and all wear the same style of shoes, groomsmen included! Some of the cutest pictures are the bride and grooms feet with matching sneakers on. It’s definitely not a bad idea!



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Garth Brooks may have showed up in boots when he wasn’t supposed to, but when you’re the bride, you can do what you please! Your favorite pair of cowboy boots can easily be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day and will add great sentimentality to your outfit. Boots are definitely a necessity for a country wedding and there’s nothing better than line dancing at the reception with the proper footwear on.

Cowboy boots aren’t the only thing you can wear for your wedding either. There are plenty of dressy and unique options for the bride who isn’t satisfied with being part of the crowd. Shop around and see what you can find. You never know when you’ll find the perfect pair of boots that you can’t live without.

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