How To: Vow Writing Edition

Hi friends, Breck here! I follow a lot of wedding vendors of all types on Instagram and Facebook. I’m fascinated with the industry and love cheering people on as they chase their professional, often times small business, goals and dreams. Content from florists to calligraphers to traveling camper trailer photo-booth-for-rent accounts fill my feed, but I recently stumbled across an “exceptionally” (wink wink) unique service that I knew I had to talk about here.


Etsy – Printable Beauty Shop

If you’ve ever struggled to put words to paper, writing your own wedding vows might be overwhelming, but many couples choose to write their own vows as a personal touch. The service I discovered was perfect for this – Professional vow writers! They exist! Targeting people who are interested in writing their own vows but don’t feel eloquent enough to do them justice, these vendors meet with couples, learn about their stories, and walk couples through their favorite qualities about their partner, taking notes along the way. They combine their awesome interview skills with writing talent to make each meeting with individual couples one of a kind. Then, these details become an eloquent, unique set of personalized vows, perfect for the most special day.


Etsy – Rustic Oak Designs


Are you struggling with writing your vows? Can’t find the right words? Didn’t know how to write yours and wish you would’ve done better? There is a vendor for you!

Here’s some vendors we found who are experts at crafting perfect vows:

Wedding Words

Love Ink

Vow Muse

Still think you’ve got it in you? Take some tips from these sites for a little extra help:

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