Thank You, Thank You Very Much.

Thank You Card

Ahh, the day has come for the best gift giving event of your life. Your shower! (And your wedding, too!) After opening piles and piles of home goods and kitchenware, you get to shove it all in your car and take it back home to enjoy with your new spouse.

Oh, but don’t forget the thank you notes.

If you’ve been married or had any sort of shower, you know what a pain thank you notes can be. You’ll likely be writing them well after the wedding because there are just so many to address. Seriously. So. Many.

If you’re not a natural born writer or are just a really busy person, the task may seem daunting. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you make it easy and get through your stack of thank you cards quickly.

Tip #1) Get fun cards

When I (Breck) was writing all of my thank you notes, one thing that made it more fun was the stack of cute cards I worked through. I went to my local craft store and bought several 50-packs of cards that had a variety of colors and patterns. Not only did it help me keep track of how many I made it through, but I got to enjoy picking out a new design for every thank you I wrote.

Tip #2) Keep a spreadsheet

To keep me on track, I printed out a spreadsheet with names, addresses, and gifts of everyone who gave us anything and took it (and a stack of cards in a bag) with me everywhere I went. I just went down the list in order and marked off names as cards were written, addressed, and mailed. It kept me organized, allowed me to write thank you’s everywhere I went, and made writing the cards easy as can be. Also, if you get a group gift from several friends or something similar, make sure to write each person an individual thank you note. Don’t write one note for several people if they’re not in the same family.

Tip 3#) Plan a script 

Don’t sweat the wording. You don’t have to make each one unique, (unless you just want to, of course). I went with a basic script that went something like, “Dear ____, We are so grateful you came to our shower! We love the _____ and will use it in _____. Your thoughtfulness blessed us beyond words. Thank you again! Love, Breck”

If you recieve money, don’t mention the amount you were given, but use words like “generous gift” along with your intentions for the cash to still keep the note personal. Guests love reading how you’ll use their gift, whether it’s on your honeymoon or in your new home!

Tip #4) Stay on time

Tradition dictates that gifts given before the wedding should receive a thank you note within two weeks, while post-wedding gifts have a 3-month grace period. This is good advice, but don’t worry too much if you’re strapped for time. You’re planning a wedding, possibly moving, and traveling during this special time! People are grateful for a handwritten note whenever it arrives. Just make sure you get it done as soon as you’re able to.

Tip #5) Stockpile supplies

You’re going to need stamps, pens, cards, envelopes, and a record of your gifts and givers. Go ahead and find your favorite pens and grab SEVERAL. You’ll need them! You can order a custom return address stamp or print off labels to save you time, and you’ll probably be able to pre-address some envelopes of friends and family as well. The earlier you can get started the better!

Tip #6) Be thankful

It’s easy to get annoyed by the endless notes when you want to be doing something else instead, but remember how blessed you are to have received all the gifts. The best way to show your gratitude is with a handwritten note, and even though it may seem “old fashioned”, it’s really a necessary part of your wedding experience. Sit down, turn on music or Netflix, and have fun blessing the people who love you! It’s so worth it.

Tip #7) Pace Yourself

You’re not going to get them all written in one sitting, so pick a goal and work to meet it. Whether you want to write 10 per day or 30-50 per week, find something manageable that won’t wear you out and break up your time to save you from hand cramps and grumpiness.

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