“But We Don’t Dance…”

Okay, so weddings and dance floors seem to go together, I admit. However, if you’re like me and cringe at the thought of dancing in front of  crowd with all eyes on you, you might want to keep reading. Believe it or not, you don’t HAVE to set up a dance floor at your wedding. If it’s not your thing, don’t worry! There are tons of options available for a fun filled day that don’t involve busting a move. The most important part is to focus on you and what fits your style and taste. It’s your big day, after all!


The simplest alternative to a dance is simply not to offer it. There are sure to be plenty of guests, who, like you, wouldn’t set foot on the dance floor anyway, so offering a delicious meal and doing toasts and speeches during that is a fool-proof way to have a great reception. Good food and good drinks can solve anything, and your guests will be happy to sit and chat while they eat and enjoy the drinks. Serving a full meal at dinner or even doing a brunch after a morning wedding would both be great options that will please everyone in attendance.



Photo: Courtesy of Deer Pearl Flowers

Depending on your wedding’s formality and venue, there are plenty of options for fun alternatives to dancing. Many brides have opted for a more playful approach and created scavenger hunts to go along with the festivities. Another option is to offer games for guests to enjoy. If you’re outdoors, you can set up lawn games like a bean bag toss or washers. Inside, you can bring all your favorite board games to the reception for tables to challenge each other with. The possibilities only stop with your creativity, though. From a live game of “Clue” to a trivia sheet at each table (think, “Who’s been to all 7 continents?” and “This person swallowed their first loose tooth.”)  there are some quirky and unique ideas that will definitely set your reception apart from most.

Photo Booth


Photo: Courtesy of Love Ala

Photo booths are still growing in popularity because they’re an instant hit with attendees! It’s a easy, personalized way to let your guests have some fun, capture their memories from your day, and have a little photo souvenir to take home with them. Whether you opt for a full-blown photo booth that prints pictures on-site or you set up an open area with props for people to gather and take their own pictures at, you really can’t go wrong with a photo booth.


This category is pretty broad because there’s a variety of things you can do with music that don’t involve dancing. If you’re musical or you know people that are, use the talent in the room and sing or play instruments for guests to watch. Karaoke is a lively option as well, especially if you’ve got fun memories of karaoke nights together! You could also hire a local band instead of a DJ (after all, you won’t need one if you’re not dancing) and allow them to play background music for your dinner and the socializing that will follow. This is a particularly good option if you’re concerned about extended family catching up because they won’t have to shout over the loud music that would be playing from the DJ.



Photo: Courtesy of Dimples and Tangles

Are you artistic or a lover of all things handwritten and homemade? You might consider setting out paper and markers/crayons/colored pencils for guests to enjoy. This would be an excellent option for a more casual reception, especially if there are a lot of kids around, because it would give the little ones something to do and the adults would enjoy it too! As a plus, you’re sure to get some surprise messages and even a few masterpieces that will be left on the tables for you.


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